Benga, Jan 6, 2008
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      oh, wow... what is the outer material made out of?
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      fucking brilliant!
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      More info please!
    • Benga
      Yes, you read it right. This electric guitar is worth €2,500,000 (US $3,598,002) because it’s made of pure cocaine. A 30-something guy flew from Costa Rica to Fiumicino airport in Rome with a guitar (a black Squier Strat, with the label still on the scratch plate) and 10 thermos flasks in his luggage. The custom officials spotted white powder leaking out of the guitar that was tested positive for cocaine. Even the thermos flasks contained cocaine in solution. The so-called music enthusiast was carrying a total of 3 kg of pure cocaine, having a market value of more than 2.5 million Euros.
    • Benga
      and some other related news (eric clapton would be proud)
      In May, a young man stepped off a jetliner from Bogota at Kennedy International Airport carrying a guitar and a small bag. He seemed nervous and unsure of himself as he approached a United States Customs Service inspector for a passport check. Inside the guitar, the inspector found half a pound of white powder. It looked just like cocaine. But when it was tested it proved to be the first Colombian grown and refined heroin intercepted in the United States.
      Drug smuggler gets 15-year prison term

      From the archive, first published Friday 11th Jun 2004.

      A smuggler has been jailed for 15 years after carrying cocaine worth £1.5 million through Gatwick.

      Francesco Ferrera, 31, was caught with three guitar amplifiers packed with 19.2kg of the drug, which was 100 per cent pure.

      He had been waiting for a connecting flight to Madrid at the South Terminal when Customs officers stopped him.

      They discovered the drugs when they took the amplifiers apart.

      The haul is believed to have been one of the biggest quantities of cocaine smuggled into the airport.

      Ferrera, who lives in Seville and speaks no English, flew to the Caribbean to collect the drugs.

      He was on his way back to Spain and had flown from Tobago to Gatwick to catch the connecting flight when he was arrested on December 9 last year.

      At first he denied any knowledge of the drugs.

      He claimed he had flown to the Caribbean and bought the amplifiers for US$500 while wandering around the shops in Trinidad, intending to use them at a fiesta when he returned home. But at Lewes Crown Court he admitted smuggling the class A drug.

      Fake piano 'drug smuggling plot'
      Five men plotted to bring drugs worth millions of pounds into the UK in hollow furniture and fake pianos, the Old Bailey has heard.

      It is alleged police overheard the plan via a listening device put in a property in Battersea, south London.

      Drugs were then seized in south London and Birmingham last year.

      Jasraj Singh, 39, of Birmingham, James Ward, 53, of Kent, Gary Vian, 45, and Paul Woods, 31, of south London, and Terrence Pyne, 49, deny drugs charges.

      Mukul Chawla, prosecuting, told the court that the police overheard conversations saying the men wanted to bring amphetamines, cocaine and other drugs in a piano from Holland.
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      Time to end to drug war!
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      €2,500,000 (US $3,598,002) for 3Kg?!?! ROTFLMFAO!

      Someone is getting ripped hardcore!
    • DrugPhreak
      which was 100 per cent pure

      ROTFLMFAO! x2
    • crankalot
      Thats the street value
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