Crystal Meth.

Friends Stash for her own head. Don't get into that the stuff at all. Its not fun if you get hooked.!!!

Crystal Meth.
renegades, Feb 11, 2007
    • renegades
      One of my girl friend uses and this was the stash she bought for herself. Mighty big Crystals, this will last her a long time. Now, look at the picture, this is why they call it Crystal Meth. Never buy powdered meth, make sure it is all crystals to ensure swim will get a bigger bang for her buck. However this swim quit Crystal Meth a few months ago and has no intention of going back and being a daily user. It is a one way ticket to hell.
    • iFeaRNLoathiNg
      them are huge; Are they hollow? thier texture looks differnt.
    • scatteredmind
      That's a rare sight, but I'm ashamed to say it's freaking awesome and is hard to pull my eyes away from...
    • rgru75
      very nice indeed
    • ncls_flamel
      unbelievable, woa!!! Never seen those great Crystals.
    • cyndi
      How was the quality? Last time swim bought true ice, it looked like that but to her dismay was weak. The shards look cloudy which would be a red flag to swim.
    • thexer
      holly shit! I'M INLOVE
    • cyndi
      Very lovely and tempting.......oh well maybe in a dream.
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