Fake xanax?

Has anyone seen these going around? They claim to be 2mg xanax, 2 on one side, xanax on the other, scored 3 times both sides. please help.

Fake xanax?
    • Shmeagles
      I have and when I popped one I was knocked out for a whole day. Not barred out but sleeping. I even woke up when my mother came into my room to find myself throwing up. Whatever it is that it's made of.. it's strong.
    • gonzo3peyote
      that's because its not generic Xanax it's the name brand which is the best you can get, you were sick prolly bcuz 2mg is a fairly large dose, the average dose is .5 mg, hence the lines to divide into 4 .5 mg doses
    • 82dboy
      I have been prescribed geniric and brand from the white bars green bars the mylan round with a cross to be broke into .5 they were the same been on them over 15 yrs there is a difference in the blister pack cheaper ones in my humble opinion
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