flavored cocaine

flavored cocaine- courtesy DEA's microgram 2008 The DEA Western Laboratory (San Francisco, California) recently received an exhibit consisting of 13 tied, clear plastic bags containing pink, off-white, and white powders, all with a generic, sweet, fruity odor, purported strawberry, lemon, and coconut flavored cocaines (see Photo 3). The exhibit was seized by a DEA Special Agent in Modesto, California, pursuant to a long-running investigation (no further details). The exhibit was split into four sub-exhibits based on color, packaging, and initial screens. Analyses were conducted by color testing (cobalt thiocyanate), FTIR, GC/MS, and GC/IRD. Analysis of the first exhibit (four bags containing pink powder, total net mass 113.1 grams) confirmed 24.4 percent cocaine hydrochloride, diltiazem, and inositol. Analysis of the second exhibit (one bag containing off-white powder, total net mass 30.2 grams) confirmed 17.1 percent cocaine hydrochloride, diltiazem, and inositol. Analysis of the third exhibit (seven bags of white powder, total net mass 193.0 grams) confirmed 19.8 percent cocaine hydrochloride and lactose. Analysis of the fourth exhibit (one bag of white powder, total net mass 28.5 grams) confirmed 29.3 percent cocaine hydrochloride and mannitol. The diltiazem and sugars were not quantitated. The fruity odor was not identifiable (that is, it was not a specific fruit scent), and was identical in all 13 bags regardless of the alleged flavor. To date, the various exhibits submitted in this case (including various free samples and purchases) are the first examples of “flavored cocaine” seen at the Western Laboratory. [Editor’s Notes: Although flavored “hard” drugs (notably “strawberry meth”) have received extensive press in the mass media, to date very few such exhibits have been submitted to the DEA Laboratories. This is the first report of “flavored cocaine” to Microgram Bulletin.]

flavored cocaine
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      thats funny :p the scent was not a specific fruit scent and all bags were identical in scent... awesome :D some1 is moronic :p
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