Hands Structures - Palms *FRONT_VIEW* @ Cadaver Photography (Real_View)

Photographic depiction + legend text (in Romanian) on the inside of the hand (palm) & all its structures. Please note that scientific names usually are very much alike, regardless of the language. Especially so, with Romanian-English anatomical structures identifying. ***However realistic these cadaver photographies might appear to be (compared to the usual Atlases drawings depictions) PLEASE always remember these are also only GENERALIZED representations- depicting the most encountered placements, arrangements and shapes of respective structures! Each human being has an own unique anatomy, that varies, anywhere from slightly different up to completely different, as compared to any & all anatomical depictions! Do not rely on them for pointing out IV spots, but rather consider them a vague reference!***

Hands Structures - Palms *FRONT_VIEW* @ Cadaver Photography (Real_View)
tourniquet, Apr 25, 2010
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    Apr 25, 2010
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