ulcerated wounds of a IV heroin addict

Cooki, Oct 27, 2009
    • SkimpShrimp
      thats grimy....i want to throwup and shit at the same time
    • shooting Star
      Wow, really? Time to find another avenue, recovery? :cry:
    • SexySecretSquirrel
      Somebody schedule an intervention!! Seriously. That guy is suffering! :(
    • Babychic01
      SWIM has had a few ulcerated areas like that on bottom of her legs ... thankfully though not as many as in that picture, and as she no longer injects heroin they have healed well!! They were not a pretty sight at the time...and the smell from the infected ones was just horrible, she is she is no longer injecting now!
    • SadlyAddicted
      UmMm...This is totally disgusting and I'm wondering how it got that way??? Does he/she have some blood disease?? Well either way, that should definitely deter you from wanting to inject anything!!!
    • satellite613
      Holy crap thats sad !!even for a heroin addict
    • Rorer714
      I dont know how old anyone is here, but I have seen much worse..My ex was in the ICU for 4 months with wound botulism, he was paralized but his mind was working, he was in Hell for all of that time..People are dying from this crap dope, please, if anyone is even thinking of using a rig, think it through..Shooting dope isn;t fun it is a 24 hour 7 days a week job, and that is to just stay well..I am 55 years old and hit bottom so many times that I now know bottom for me is death, After 30+ years of using I got on methadone maintenace in Jan 2002 and it saved my life Please dont go down this road..I swear it is a horrible life, and if you used as long as me, your endorphines are so screwed that the PAWS never goes away...Smoke some pot have a beer, stay away from the hard stuff..I write this because I care..
    • bongo264
      I agree with most of what you say Rorer but your body can still rebound. I was not 30+ of using but I got 17 at a very high dose and kicked... Its not easy and you are looking a 9 months or so of a really shitty life but you can make it back. Iboga saved me
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