If you drink like a man

If you drink like a man, you might end up looking like one...

If you drink like a man
Alfa, Apr 2, 2009
    • blipblop
      Freaky info at the bottom of the poster.
    • dopeheadz
      very true though
    • honeywitch
      really love this poster makes you consider the risks
    • ImALumberjackAndImOK
      They need to put this up in college dorms, ASAP (at least in America). I also got a good laugh out of just the first sentence of the small text.
    • alstopintime
      so deadly,alcohol is the only drug that attacks all your body orgaans at the same iv been told.dont touch it anymore.ruined everything in my life.totally.7 yr eithout. a. hooked on librium//vallium as my doc gave me it constant.noe i have a diff addicton. well??????? hope
    • FairyinBoots
      Fucked my life up for sure ole booze. I wouldn't have taken other drugs if I'd been sober, had my 1st IV while pissed. Defo wouldn't used needle if sober or done a lot of other drugs.
      Been booze free for about 6years now but left with other addictions probably wouldn't have if it wasn't for booze.
      Its the worse drug in my opinion cos its acceptable and legal and brings in loads of tax money for govt its not seen as a problem. Ive lost more friends to booze over the years than heroin. Its an awful way to go one friend took 3days to die in hospital bucket next to bed full of blood that kept getting emptied, awful nasty painful way to die. She was only mid 30s had 4yr old kid too. Saddens my heart.
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