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A theoretical scrubber/bubbler system to clean automotive-grade N20. a. Tank (filled with N20 spiked with Sulfur-Dioxide) b. N20 Regulator (0-60 psi) c. PVC piping d. PVC chamber 1 - Vinegar or Veggie Oil (neutralize any back-flow) e. PVC chamber 2 - Lye (1st "heavy" scrub) f. bubbler/aerator g. PVC chamber 3 - Baking Soda (2nd "lighter" scrub) h. PVC chamber 4 - dry sand (trap any liquids) i. exit valve (always open) j. quick disconnects (PVC)

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Sid Of Id, Apr 27, 2012
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      More details from SWIM:

      b. is absolutely necessary if you are using anything other than quality, proven stainless-steel for the tank & fixtures in "a". If you are using aluminum or have brass fittings (or other similar metals) and for some reason there was a reversal of pressure and any lye (NaOH) from "e" were to somehow get past "d" and into "a" the reaction with the metals could release hydrogen, creating the potential for a serious earth-shattering, shrapnel filled explosion!! Other than this, "b" is necessary so you don't have to worry about over-pressuring your system by opening the tank-valve too wide (over 60psi) which could either make your "g"s pop off or even crack your pvc.

      c. might be 1/2" PVC pipe.

      Rather than a "quick disconnect" for "j" these might be 1/2" PVC unions, rated 150psi. Without these, you wont be able to unscrew the tops of your chambers to fill/clean them.

      "f" must all be able to handle no less than 60psi (or they'll pop off or possibly crack the PVC. They should be made of PVC, EPDM or another material that will not react with NaOH.

      Remember, "i" should ALWAYS be open; anything more than a balloon or trash bag could cause too much pressure to build up and you could have reversal (bad) or crack the PVC (bad). SWIM does not advise putting your mouth on the end of it unless you want to risk some serious trauma to your throat, lungs, ear-canals, etc. from forced-air into your respiratory system.
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