Lighter For Smoking/Vaporizing Ice(Meth)

(I am verry sorry for the low-res picture as the picture was taken using a low-res hand phone camera) This is my DIY lighter used to smoke ice/meth. Also known as 'needle lighter'. To make it is fairly simple, you need an adjustable flame lighter(in this case brand 'Alladin' made in Thailand). Cut a thin strip of aluminum foil around 5mm width (the length is up to you, how long you want your needle to be) Make the surface of the foil as smooth as possible by placing it on the edge of a scissor, pressing your thumb or finger on it and gently pull it until it smooths up and curled a bit. Next step is as simple as rolling a joint but the strength of your finger rolling the aluminum foil tightly as tight as possible needs to be feather like strength.

Lighter For Smoking/Vaporizing Ice(Meth)
bennyortega, Feb 6, 2012
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    Feb 6, 2012
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