From the series 'Archaic Revival' 65 X 100 CM Multimedia on canvas 2008

    • Jatelka
      This is wonderful: I love the circuitry imagery
    • Lysergic-Sponge
      Thank you all for you feedback and support!

      I live in a country full of economic and political turmoil, and so art, especially Psychedelic or visionary art is shunned.

      I feel great knowing that others are also able to enjoy the strange art that I try to produce.

      I have been an avid reader of the forums but was always too timid to post anything, seeing that the community is so insightful and willing to share I thought the best place to start would be with my art.

      Once again, Thank you, the people at Drugs-Forum for being the model community that you are!

      I am working on several Animations at the moment, I will complete one called 'The Contemporary Alchemist' in about 1 week. Im also waiting for the thumbs up from Entheogenic to start working on a new animation peice for thier new release.

      I have made some stuff synchonized to Shpongle, but I dont want to post anything without permission. Simon is hard man to get hold of! :)

      I also have other animated shorts and video art, but theyre not purely psychedelic in themselves, just plain weird. Im not sure if they would be relevant or not.
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    Hakan Hisim
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    May 13, 2008
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