New piperazine LSD analogue(!) - LSP - N-Piperazinyllysergamide

This chart compares the structure of LSD, LSM-775, and a new as of yet un-synthesized compound: N-Piperazinyllysergamide, or LSP. This is an as of yet un-synthesized LSD analogue that incorporates the structure of piperazine. This would likely be much more stable than LSD and going on the knowledge that LSM-775 is almost as active as LSD, this new piperazine analogue could very well be just as potent as LSD itself!

New piperazine LSD analogue(!) - LSP - N-Piperazinyllysergamide
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      It turns out that it is more likely a very potent antagonist at these receptors sites, as the pharmacophore of piperazines and piperidines are found in a wide range of 5HT2A antagonistic drugs like ketanserin. Therefore it is unlikely that this compound would exhibit hallucinogenic effects. It could however find use as an antipsychotic or agent to reverse the effects of an hallucinogen. :thumbsup:
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    Mar 12, 2010
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