Over 3,5 grams of smoking grade opium, scraped from the evaporation dish. The opium was extracted from papaver somniferum leaves, and was of reasonable quality.

Psych0naut, Nov 10, 2006
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    • Alicia
      looks delicious...
    • laugher
      concerning picture of hand as an aid for injecting.The hand should never be used for an injection site! The hand is a very complex and there is just too much going on there for needles and drugs.If you were to miss, for instance, the drug and cuts would be trapped.This is why Drs. won't do nerve blocks for hand injury pain.The same thing,to a lesser extent,goes for the foot as well.
    • M0RPH3US
      How much did the amount of leaves weigh used during this process?
    • Abject Misery
      Extracted from P. somn leaves? For a yield of 3.5 g, I estimate at least 5 lbs of leaves. Is that close?
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