Picture of a Trip (Ego-View)

Swim tried to show off what he saw while tripping with his especially good friend Alice, who happens to be named D. and is 25 years old. This time, swim was in nature and had a beautiful view! However the picture is taken from the internet and modified in PS, it was a usual landscape pic before... but it comes close to the spot swim was, and so he tried to show a typical view on Alice swim has...with color intensity, blurryness and many patterns.

Picture of a Trip (Ego-View)
Henfer, Apr 17, 2007
    • Ego Loss
      Awesome photo it reminds swim how beautiful the world can be and your perspective on lsd and afterwards. =]
    • sunshine345
      Alice is nice girl, i know her too a little but she can do some really crazy shit what´ s not nice...
      But really good picure!!! Imagine that picture, me in my firs time had a carpet with reallt big gray and black bubbels. :D
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    Apr 17, 2007
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