Premier Rose

This used to be a borosilicate test tube. The end was sanded off with 300 grit sand paper to make a neat circle and provide for air flow. Here it has been used for smoking phenazepam by some unknown entity. That purple stuff can be smoked more to get more "high" - only a fraction of the drug has been used up - but it's not a good high and it's just going to washed away with acetone. It's stupidly strong. The interesting thing about this though is it's made of borosilicate. The entity vaporized the chemical with a blow torch. Heroin, crack, things like this would no doubt work very well with such a device which is easy and cheap to construct. Careful of the "bug" with Heroin or phenazepam (don't smoke phenazepam please). You can put a blow torch on it! Total cost: about 30 US cents including the paper. What does SWIY think? SWIM thinks this is something with more potential for other substances. And foil is bad for you.

Premier Rose
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    Jul 7, 2010
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