Racemic Amphetamine Salts

Generic for Adderall 30 milligram tablet.

Racemic Amphetamine Salts
Benzeneringz, Aug 2, 2006
    • Miss_Methylene
      beautiful picture. The black background helps the Adderall stick out..I love it!
    • NeuroPharmieGuru
      While these do look a great deal like the could be a stimulant of sorts (likely amphetamine as they resemble generic mixed-amphetamine-salts IR tabs) these are neither generic nor name brand Adderall. If these are indeed amphetamine, which isomer are they? If they are amphetamine, I have a hard time seeing them as anything other than dextro-amphetamine and/or amphetamine saccharate, as levo-amphetamine is not manufactured as a single chemical in pill form; it is always combined with other amphetamine isomers to boost effectiveness/smoothness of peaks and valleys [13 hour half life vs. 10 hour half life of d-amphetamine; l-amphetamine is also more peripherally stimulating and less of a cerebral stimulant than d-amph.]....just a thought.....these just don't look like an easily identifiable amphetamine.
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    Aug 2, 2006
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