Suuuper heavy “2g” of ice

Love this stuff

Suuuper heavy “2g” of ice
roserainxx, Feb 24, 2019
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    • Elliza
      that about makes me Drool. Coming down now. Got one super hit left.
    • angelraysmehigher
      @Elliza I agree, 17 days clean now but fuck it's hard looking at pictures like this.
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    • Elliza
    • Danny t
      How much more addictive is meth compared to paste coz I'm hooked on paste but am tempted to try crystal meth
    • angelraysmehigher
      @Danny t can you clarify what "paste" is, please? Sorry I'm from Australia and unfamiliar with that terminology.
    • angelraysmehigher
      @Danny t I just did a google search which refers to paste as a slang term for "base" or leftover base form of meth following the manufacturing process.. Correct me if I've incorrectly referenced the drug specifically which you are using.

      But my initial experience with amphetamines began with base, which was smoked.
      I remember doing it nearly every weekend for over a year in conjunction with a lot of ecstasy pills, some MDMA, and the occasional bong or LSD tab. This was about 5-6 years ago now and I never recall intensely craving the substance in between weekend benders. I never used it more often than that though the only time I felt urged to use was when it would be nearing the weekend and I was anticipating drug-fuelled fun.
      However, your circumstances would be different as you mention being on hooked the "paste" substance so there's already dependence and tolerance that have developed.

      In any occasion though, my advice is to stay away from meth completely and do not try it, ever. It is extremely toxic, corrosive, addictive and unpredictable.
      You may try meth a first time and have an ok come-down and experience no strong urge or desires to use again. Or you may try meth once and experience a hellish come-down where you find yourself having strong desires to use again and alleviate the rough time.
      You are honestly playing with fire when you start consuming meth because there is no telling how addictive your psychological and physical predisposition is and response to the drug effects and drain on your body.
      I used meth recreationally for many years before I ended up with an addiction to it.

      Besides the risk of dependence, which, in your instance will be higher-risk considering you say you've gotten hooked already paste, but the physical damage meth causes can manifest rapidly and without a guarantee that the damage is reversible.

      As a recovering meth addict, I am strongly warning you against doing meth and to stay well away from the drug. It is honestly just not worth it and if I had my chance again I would never have tried it, not even once.
      And even if you do manage to get out the other side, the road in between is a dark, lonely, cold, painful and often long one to endure. I wish nothing more than to take back the time I've already thrown away and will continue to spend on recovery, and have spent it on more fulfilling and joyful things in life.
      Instead, I encourage you to evaluate your circumstances and dependence on base currently and make it your priority to come off that. Even if you don't want to give up drugs entirely, which you don't have to, at least just consider addressing your current addiction and aim to reach a point that you don't need to use all the time and can possibly enjoy using recreationally again. Although that's not always possible for recovering addicts.

      Anyway, that's my two cents on what you wanted to know. I do hope you reconsider your thoughts about trying meth and don't forget - what curiosity did to the cat.....
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