Best pipe to use for the meth in South east asia is one with a big bowl and thin glass, as it tends to get damaged when it over heats and people seem to not relise that it is not cut , but gets damaged from misusage

awsy44, Jul 14, 2013
    • ballenbeauty
      What type of pipe is this?
    • GrandpaGreg
      I have the same pipe, got mine in Beijing. They look very weird with the bend and all, but it was my first and still my only pipe and it seems to work well with North Korea meth, although I'm still quite the newbie so don't bet on me:p
    • AJXC
      The best pipe to buy is anything made out of borosilicate... I've dropped it onto the floor from about 5-6 feet in the air and it didn't break or crack at all. Plus you can put it directly onto a cooling rag (wet cloth) if you need it to recrystallize faster.

      I'm sure they sell them in that area somewhere, if not, you should consider blowing your own.
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    Jul 14, 2013
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