triazolam .25 mg tablets

This photo shows two small, light blue, oblong tablets which contain .25 milligrams of triazolam each. They bare the imprint 54 620 on one side and are scored on the back. These are produced by Roxane pharms.

triazolam .25 mg tablets
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      I was on 3 .250mg apo-triazolam (yup daily n I did some crazy shit)..... In canada these were the only meds to be scripted in blister (7per) in box and the pamphlet insert by law .... I'd get the max 70 allowed or 10 boxes taped.
      This benzo is the real date rape drug ....personally GHB is thick n like snot plus horrendous taste you'd have to be out of it to not only see it floating but not taste it! Now a few times I had to induce sleep (meth psychosis NOT Date rape) n 2 in any liquid plus 10mins n you are out like a light...... Kicking from these is not anything I want to do again
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