Agung Titch

4/5, 4 from 1 review
Agung Titch Glass Bong 15cm

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  1. angelraysmehigher
    Mini But Mighty
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Apr 8, 2019
    • + small size
    • + compact
    • + easy to conceal
    • + easy to clean
    • - needs to be cleaned/water change often
    • - short size means water very easily can make contact with mouth
    • - can be hard to pull
    This was the first bong I ever purchased for myself. I chose the 15cm size as it is easy to store away and hide if needed. I found it somewhat harder to pull than a regular size bong but I soon figured out if I leave some of the resin residing around the cone piece when cleaning, it seems to make it a little easier to draw the marijuana through upon heating.
    I love its compact size and it also delivers a good punch. It's super easy to clean although due to it's tiny dimensions, it does require a cleaning quite often and water changed a lot more than I've experienced using other bongs in the past.
    I can take it anywhere and it wraps nicely inside a hand towel and its size makes it easy to fit in virtually any bag.

Bong Details

  1. Bong Material:
    Glass Bong
    Bong Features:
    Bong Height:
    <20 CM (8 in)
    Agung 15cm bubble bong with a rubber base and bonza stem and cone.

    Made from strong and durable Pyrex glass. The rubber base is removable.

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