Somewhere in the middle
Somewhere in the middle

American Weigh SM-500

4.8/5, 4.8 from 1 review
SM-500 Digital Pocket Scale 500
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Recent Reviews

  1. nachofish
    Durable and Sturdy Scale
    4.75/5, 4.75 out of 5, reviewed Jul 18, 2018
    • + Large tray.
    • + Sturdy
    • + Durable
    • + Several modes of measurement
    • + Very easy to clean
    • + Cheap
    • + Small
    • + Backlit screen
    • + Large buttons which are easy to press
    • + Easily changeable batteries
    • - Only sensitive to 100 mg
    • - Takes a fairly long time to adjust to new weights
    • - In comparison to other scales it doesn't have the best battery-life
    Great pocket scale which will work perfectly well for a long time. It features a large tray which is excellent for weighing Cannabis, for example, and other substances which may be too large to fit on jewelry-sized scales.
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Scale Details

  1. Precision:
    0.1 gram
    Scale Options:
    This scale offers a sleek contemporary portable design that is offered in three different colors. The vinyl pouch helps protect this eye-catching pocket scale. Features an innovative removable magnetic protective cover which also doubles as an expansion tray, a vinyl pouch, the stainless steel weighing surface makes cleaning easy and the back-lit LCD display helps make reading the results easier on the eyes.

    Capacity: 500g / 17.64oz / 321.5dwt / 16.08ozt / 2500ct / 7716gn
    Readability: 0.1g / 0.01oz / 0.1dwt / 0.01ozt / 0.5ct / 1gn
    Linearity: ±2d
    Repeatability: ±2d
    Stabilization Time: 3-5 seconds
    Calibration Weight: 500g (not included)
    Platform Dimensions: 2.8 x 2.5"
    Scale Dimensions: 4.4 x 2.9 x 0.8"
    Power: 2 x AAA Batteries (included)

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