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Arizer Solo

4.7/5, 4.7 from 3 reviews
Highly reliable portable vaporizer
arizer-solo_2_1.jpg arizer-solo-included_1.jpg
  1. gokugianni
    I have to say that the Air is better b/c batteries, although it's slowly getting shorter times 8min
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Sep 11, 2017
    • + Interchangeable batteries
    • - Interchangeable batteries
    For the Airizer Air , the silicone case makes it a bit more difficult to slide in and out of your pocket for example. I have to use 2500-3000mAh batteries giving me 10(average) minute sessions. It can and actually is made for anything from cannabis to Kratom to eucalyptus. It uses the same glass pieces as the Solo, I've only broken two in 3 years. The device no longer charges via a plug in (just solid green, never "charging" blinking green.
    As for overall usage it's slim profile allows some stealth (in moving, not smoking) . With some batteries your good to go. Mixing of hash and canna budder with leaves works, but from word of mouth the max isn't enough (some who like blow torching for dabs can't do with 410degress )
    It's not my preference but if I'd chosen the Solo, perhaps I'd like it more as the batteries issue is having a detrimental effect on the bottom of the device the spring broke and had to be "replaced" and "repaired" . The solo could outdo the Air in longevity anytime. The Solo II has a screen! I prefer the color code system.
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