1. Alfa
    Ejector is a quality glassware brand made by De Sjamaan Wholesale in The Netherlands. It employs an ejection system for easy cleaning and allowing for nifty smoking tricks like additional air inlet and smoking joints through your bong.

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  1. Ejector Icebong M

    Ejector Ice Bong Medium with Eject-a-Bowl is an extraordinary bong
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    Ejector Ice Bong Medium with Eject-a-Bowl is an extraordinary bong, made of thick borosilicate glass and featuring eject-a-bowl smoking technology. The Eject-a-Bowl chillum system is one of the most innovative design ideas to come out of the headshop world. There’s no need for screens or special bong tools, just push down the bowl, eject the ash and you’re ready to toke! Want deeper hits? Push the eject-a-bowl down slightly to adjust the amount of smoke! Want an even burn? Eject ash as you...
  2. Ejector Bong

    Icebong with Eject-a-Bowl
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    The Ejector Bong is a glass water pipe is made from durable high quality thick glass, and is built around the patented Eject-a-bowl system. During usage, a slight push down on the bowl will allow for a lager amount of smoke. This system also allows for joints & spliffs to by inserted into the bowl. The ashes can be easily ejected by this system.The eject-a-bowl makes it easy to empty and clean your bowl by simply pushing the bowl all the way down the spring system. The eject-a-bowl is made...