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    Lighters ZENGAZ have a unique mechanism of JET flame, that reaches a temperature of 1000-1300 ° C and makes it possible to use the lighter in almost all weather conditions.
    Lighters are subjected to strict quality control at all levels of the production process and have a guarantee from the manufacturer for 4000-5000 ignitions from one full refueling with ZENGAZ gas.

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  1. Zengaz ZL-7 Slim JET Lighter

    Simple and efficient
    Elegant model ZENGA Slim Jet is designed for those who like gracefulness density. It is a new format of lighter. Engineers managed to diminish it to the most compact size. ZENGA Slim Jet is a bright example of how fashionable seeks to convenient. Lightweight yet easy to ignite with a strong flame. A budget-priced item boasting quality far exceeding its RRP tag. Size: 83 x 26 x 17 mm Refillable Jet Lighter from brand Zengaz.