Review Attorneys specialized in Drug Law.

  1. Law Firm of Richard Glen Boire

    Richard Glen Boire is specialized in Drug related cases
    California’s Premier Expungement & Post-Conviction Law Firm RGB LAW GROUP (aka Law Firm of Richard Glen Boire) is a small client-oriented firm with a national reputation for excellence at expunging criminal convictions in California. We have...
  2. The Watt Law Firm LLC

    Criminal Defense Attorney
    DUI/DWI Lawyer The Watt Law Firm has DUI/DWI defense down to a science. Greg Watt’s credentials speak for themselves and his reputation in Kansas City is without equal. Simply put, success in this area comes from understanding the law — and more...
  3. Michael E. Kraut

    Former LA Prosecutor providing agressive defense
    As a criminal attorney in Los Angeles area, Michael Kraut handles all misdemeanor and felony charges. Mr. Kraut has been a top rated defense attorney in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California. The Kraut Law Group is well known for the...
  4. UK Michael J Reed

    Passionate defense in Drug Law
    Michael J Reed Ltd ceased practice on 31st October 2017 due to the retirement of Mike Reed and Celia Strange. We at Michael J Reed Ltd are experienced solicitors based in South West Wales specialising in criminal law. We provide legal advice and...
  5. Germany Dr. Kai Wagler

    Attorney for Criminal Law
    Dr. Wagler is practising criminal law since 1988 and is and Attorney in criminal law since 1997. Dr. Kai Wagler has joined Attorneys Prosotowitz and Skebitz in the Law Firm Rechtsanwälten München. In his years of forensic experience, one of the...
  6. Netherlands Mr. Dr. Hugo Ter Brake

    Drug Law Attorney in The Netherlands
    Mr. Dr. Hugo Ter Brake is a criminal defence lawyer who specializes in cannabis and other drug cases. Mr. Dr. Hugo Ter Brake has been practising law since 1980 and has his own law firm.