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Marijuana Seeds: strains reviews

  1. Super Lemon Haze Autoflower

    Super lemon Haze x Ruderalis
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    Genetics Super lemon Haze x Ruderalis. Effects Like the Super Lemon Haze, it has a complex sativa effect, a light body-stoned together with a clear cerebral high. Fast hitter. Flowering Indoor 7 weeks flowering time with a yield up to 500...
  2. Dinafem - Amnesia XXL

    Sativa-like potency, XXL yield and autoflowering speed
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    Born from an Original Amnesia and an Original Amnesia Autoflowering, Amnesia XXL Autoflowering is a clearly Sativa-dominant plant that will bring joy to all those who love going through highly creative psychedelic experiences accompanied by...
  3. OG Kush Autoflowering

    OG Kush and Ruderalis hybrid
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    OG Kush Auto is an automatic cannabis seed of prestigious origins: an OG Kush and a Ruderalis. This mesmerizing small marijuana plant does well both indoors and outdoors provided the climate of the area is not very humid and yields compact buds...
  4. Barney's Farm - Critical Kush

    Critical Mass - OG Kush hybrid
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    CRITICAL KUSHâ„¢ comes from a blend of the famous Critical Mass with our own OG Kush. This is an extremely vigorous and powerful Indica plant which yields huge amounts of strong Kush. You can take pleasure in its sticky feel, crystal covered buds,...
  5. Ginger Punch autoflower

    Kannabia Hobbit Aka: Ginger Punch autoflower review
    Among the great variety of commercial mothers available, we have rescued the Ginger Ale variety-for the general public: A real legend among American cannabis breeders due to its exact proportion between Haze and Cinderella 88. This variety...
  6. Lowryder

    Lowryder by Joint Doctors
    Lowryder is one of the shortest and fastest strains in the world! Aptly named for its low profile (both literally and figuratively), Lowryder was developed for extreme rapid growth (life cycle is 8 weeks from seed to bud), uniquely short height,...