1. Freak Out and Vape Coffee Bourbon Tobacco

    Coffee bourbon tobacco ejuice
    Rich and chocolaty with a not unpleasant dark tobacco bite. Could use a little more of that unique bourbon sweetness, but I like it.
  2. Fat Panda Green Apple ejuice

    green apple ejuice
    According to the manufacturer it's green apple hard candy flavoured, and it delivers what it promises, sweet with a touch of sour, not bad at all.
  3. Fat Panda Max VG Loopy Hoops

    Froot Loops flavoured ejuice.
    Not bad, good vapour production with basically no throat hit, flavour is more generically fruity than anything.
  4. Beard No.32

    Beard cinnamon funnelcake ejuice.
    Sweet'n spicy cinnamon goodness with a delicious buttery touch, so worth the popcorn lung. Plus everyone knows it's mine because my picture's on the bottle.