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Review Rehabs & Recovery Centers

  1. Port of Call Addiction Treatment Centre, Cheshire, UK

    Alcohol and drug rehab centre based in the North West of England, United Kingdom
    Located in a Grade II listed building, set in lovely landscaped gardens in North West England, this addiction treatment centre offers a calm and peaceful place to work on your recovery. The centre is residential, and most patients stay for 28...
  2. France Cannes (et Secteur 3)

    Rehab in Cannes
    Centre médico psychologique « Isola Bella » Hôpital de Jour « Isola Bella » Located close to Gare de Cannes, these services provide therapy, nurses, social workers and a day hospital with group activities. There is an on site supervised...
  3. France Region PACA

    These associations provide social workers, therapy, doctors and can refer into inpatient treatment where necessary. Centre d' Addictologie Anpaa 06 Csapa 2 Rue Gioffredo, 06000 Nice 04 93 62 62 10 Association Prévention Alcoologie Addictologie...
  4. Ireland St. James Camino Network

    Rehab in Co Meath
    St James Camino Network is a residential treatment centre who cater for young men whose lives have been blighted by drug addiction. We offer a 13-week residential treatment programme followed by placement in various agencies with whom we work...
  5. Ireland St. Francis' Farm, Tullow, Co. Carlow

    Residential rehab in Co Carlow
    Merchants Quay Ireland is the largest non-profit drug service provider in Ireland, well established and with a proven track record in providing residential drug and alcohol treatment. A national voluntary organisation founded by the Franciscans...
  6. Ireland RDRD - Ringsend and District Response to Drugs

    RDRD 17 Irishtown Road Ringsend Dublin 4 (01) 6677666
  7. Ireland Soilse

    Soilse (Stabilisation/Detox Preparation Programme) 1-2 Henrietta Place Dublin 1 (01) 8724922 Soilse (Drug Free Programme) Basement Offices 16-22 Green Street Dublin 7 (01) 872 4535 [email]soilse@hse.ie[/email]
  8. Ireland ACRG - AfterCare Recovery Group

    A day programme for recovering addicts based in Dublin city centre.
    Participants generally engage with the programme for approximately one year, although this may be extended or reduced depending on the needs of the individual. After an initial assessment a participant may be taken on for a part time induction...
  9. Ireland Keltoi

    Residential rehab in Dublin
    The central focus is to create a real life working environment. To this end 50% of the time is engaged in work. To support clients there is one to one counselling and group therapy available to clients both while they are resident in Keltoi and...
  10. Ireland High Park Residential

    Merchant's Quay Project High Park Convent Grace Park Road Drumcondra Dublin 9 (01) 8377883
  11. UK East Coast Recovery Rehabilitation . UK . Suffolk .

    Residential rehab in Suffolk
    East Coast Recovery specialises in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction through a residential rehabilitation programme. We offer a primary, secondary and tertiary care programmes along with tailor made after care packages. We are able to...
  12. UK Hebron House Rehabilitation . UK . Norfolk .

    Residential rehab in Norfolk
    Hebron House is a safe, nurturing and intensively supportive community environment in which to rehabilitate from drug and alcohol dependency and the life-dominating problems that serious substance misuse can cause. As a resident you will remove...
  13. UK ANA Treatment Centres, Portsmouth

    Treatment centre in Portsmouth
    Our modern and bright treatment centre, established in 1998, is located on the south coast of England in Farlington, near Portsmouth. It is comfortable with a family atmosphere. We offer our clients detoxification and excellent treatment to deal...
  14. UK Community Addiction Service - Shaftesbury Square Hospital, Belfast, Co Antrim

    Shaftesbury Square Hospital - Drugs and Alcohol Unit 116-120 Gt Victoria Street Belfast BT2 7BG Tel No: 028 90329808 Fax Number: 028 9031 2208
  15. Finland Arviointi- ja kuntoutumisyksikkö Neppari, Kotka

    Turvalantie 2 48700 Kotka Phone: +358 45 1393708
  16. Finland Karhulan Kuntoutumiskoti, Kotka

    Turvalantie 2 48700 Kotka Phone: +358 5 223 4400, +358 45 139 3703
  17. Finland Päijät-Hämeen Myllyhoitoklinikka, Lahti

    Hämeenkatu 9 A 22 15110 LAHTI Phone: +358 44 353 3490 Email: [email]ph.klinikka@myllyhoito.fi[/email]
  18. Finland Tampereen Myllyhoitoklinikka, Tampere

    Satamakatu 4 33200 Tampere Phone: +358 3 212 2125 Email: [email]klinikka@myllyhoito.fi[/email]
  19. Finland Lohjan Päihdeklinikka, Lohja

    Ojamonkatu 36 08100 Lohja Phone: +358 19 369 2260 Email: [email]marja-leena.keiskander@lohja.fi[/email]
  20. Finland Lappeenrannan Päihdekuntoutumisyksikkö, Lappeenranta

    Pajarilantie 170 53300 Lappeenranta Phone: +358 40 194 4885 (Katkaisuhoito-osasto) +358 40 567 0353 (Kuntoutumisosasto) +358 40 570 3428, +358 40 570 3628 (Päihdepsykiatrinen osasto)