Review Lighters

  1. Clipper Lighter

    Clipper Pocket Lighter
    WHAT’S CLIPPER? Since 1972 CLIPPER has been the spark, colour and design for millions of people all over the world. For your parties, holidays, daily breaks or chilling with your friends, Our lighters are made to share every moment of your life....
  2. Ion LITE Torch by Whip-it!

    Ion LITE Torch by Whip-it! Brand
    •Piezoelectric Ignition System • Comfortable grip and adjustable flame size • Limited Lifetime Warranty This lightweight Ion Lite White torch speaks for itself with its stylish appearance and ease of use. Its compact size produces high flame...
  3. Eagle Pen Torch Jumbo Lighter

    Eagle Pen Torch Lighter, Jumbo 7"
    Eagle Pen Torch Lighter, Jumbo 7" Strongly resembles a Lightsaber from Star Wars "Warning do not keep LiT longer then 10 seconds" the label reads despite the vendor writing "do not keep lit longer then 30 seconds, this can keep the life longer"...
  4. MK Lighter Jet Torch

    MK Lighter Jet Torch (Small)
    "electronic ignition, safety lock" "windproof jet flame" "refillable bottom with butane" "small, fits in pocket!" "light with 1 hand"
  5. Zengaz ZL-7 Slim JET Lighter

    Simple and efficient
    Elegant model ZENGA Slim Jet is designed for those who like gracefulness density. It is a new format of lighter. Engineers managed to diminish it to the most compact size. ZENGA Slim Jet is a bright example of how fashionable seeks to convenient....
  6. HongJing key-chain windproof butane torch travel lighter

    Small torch lighter that attaches to a key ring.
    Features: Butane refillable. Flame locks on with switch. Adjustable flame. Key-chain included. Small size comfortably fits on a key-ring. Flame guard to prevent accidental ignition in a pocket etc.
  7. Scorch Torch Pipe Lighter

    Refillable butane pipe lighter with removable tool
    Size: 1.25" x 0.50" x 3" Safe & easy to use - adjustable flame control - butane refillable Removable pick and tamper Angled "soft flame" for use with a tobacco pipe
  8. Tiger Knive Torch Lighter

    4.5/5, 1 review
    Novelty lighter produces strong, steady flame
    Refillable butane lighter that produces a strong and steady flame. The lighter is designed to look like the head and neck of a fierce Asian Tiger. The flame comes from the mouth of the tiger and is adjustable from seemingly average to a...