Brain boosters, cognitive enhancers.

  1. Reign Energy Drink

    Reign Energy Drink - Body Fuel
    Reign contains Branched-chain Amino Acids, Vitamin Bs, Electrolytes and 300MG of Caffeine! ZERO SUGAR! ZERO CALORIES! The can features a large black box stating it's "recommended for persons 18 years or older" The can mentions "The FDA has...
  2. OnThree

    OnThree - Focus, Mood, Energy
    ON THREE 3! is designed to improve cognitive functions and physical performance by regulating focus, reaction time, energy levels and mood. ON THREE 3! is about personal achievement. We believe you should feel capable of tapping into your...
  3. Stacker2

    Stacker2 brand energy capsules
    Supplement Facts Serving Size: 1 Capsule Caffeine - 200mg Proprietary Blend - 267MG Yerba mate leaf powder, green tea leaf extract, (with polyphenols), guggulsterone gum extract, cassia nomame whole plant extract, white willow bark extract...
  4. Tweaker 2oz shot energy supplement

    Tweaker 2oz shot supplement
    Supplement Facts Serving Size: 1floz Servings Per Container: 2 Vitamin B12 (as cyanocobalamin) - 30mcg Proprietary Blend - 156mg (312mg per shot) Caffeine, Panax Ginseng Root Extract, Evodiamine Fruit Extract (5% Evodiamine), N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine...
  5. Addall XR

    Addall XR - Remarkable Focus, Concentration, & Energy
    This products seems to feature different formulas depending where you buy it, the main website for the brand lists a different forAddall XR utilizes GABA, a neurotransmitter that regulates activity of neurons to reduce anxiety, and increase...
  6. Buzz Brownzzz Energy Supplement Brownie

    Energize! Power Up all Day or Play All Night!
    Energize! Power Up all Day or Play All Night! Get the energy boost of a 16 oz. energy drink - that tastes great. Proprietary Energy Blend: • Taurine • Glucoronolactone • Caffeine • Ginsing Extract • Guarana Extract • Green Tea Extract Energy...
  7. Ashwagandha

    KSM-66® Ashwagandha Powder & Capsules
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    KSM-66® Ashwagandha Extract for enhanced mood and reduction of stress. 90 x 300mg Vegetarian Capsules/30g Powder Ashwagandha has been used for 3000 years to reduce anxiety and stress Decreases Amount of Cortisol in the brain Increased Power...
  8. Gingko Biloba

    Gingko Biloba 120mg Capsules
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    120 x 120mg capsules. Ginkgo biloba Extract is one of the most popular and well researched nootropics, it has powerful free radical scavenging activity and is shown to support overall cognitive function. Overall mental functioning Supports...
  9. Oxiracetam

    Pure Oxiracetam 750mg Capsules
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    60 x 750mg capsules Oxiracetam increases learning, memory, and is widely used for neuro protective capabilities. Shown to enhance memory and learning Potent stimulant Shown to protect against brain damage. Aside from neuro-protection,...
  10. Bacopa Monnieri

    BaCognize® Bacopa Monnieri Capsules
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    BaCognize® Bacopa Monnieri Extract for enhanced memory, focus and attention. Improved memory retention and learning ability Improved attention and focus Feel happier and perform better Improved general health, reduced stress and anxiety Increased...
  11. Alpha GPC

    Alpha GPC 50% Capsules & Powder
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    60 x 300mg capsules Alpha GPC is a cholinergic compound found in the brain and a precursor to acetylcholine. Cognitive: Helpful in reducing symptoms of cognitive decline (prescribed in Europe to Alzheimer’s patients) Increased Performance: Peak...
  12. Phenibut

    Phenibut 250mg capsules
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    Phenibut is a broad action relaxation and sociability nootropic that enhances confidence and extroversion, whilst reducing the effects of anxiety and stress. Described as creating a feeling of calm without sedation, Phenibut is often used as a...
  13. Citicoline

    Citicoline 250mg capsules
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    Also known as CDP Choline, Citicoline is a form of Choline that has been enhanced to allow improved transmission across the blood-brain barrier. Citicoline facilitates neurotransmitter production, restoration and repair, allowing for increased...
  14. Piracetam

    Piracetam 800mg capsules
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    Nootropic providing benefits with focus, memory, clarity of thought, verbal fluency, cognition, concentration, reading, and productivity. 60 capsules - 800mg Capsules per day: 1 – 4 Effect onset: 30 – 90 minutes Effect duration: Peak effect...
  15. Noopept

    Potent nootropic that improves cognitive ability, boosts motivation and productivity, and promotes the generation of new neurons
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    60 capsules - 30mg Nootropic with a fast acting and short duration that improves cognitive ability. Capsules per day: 1 – 3 Effect onset: 30 – 120 minutes Effect duration: Peak effect duration of 1 to 4 hours. Extended use: Safe for extended...
  16. Aniracetam

    Aniracetam 60 capsules - 750 mg
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    Cognitive performance enhancer. Lucid, focused mental clarity, reduced anxiety, improved memory, concentrated thought, greater problem solving abilities, verbal fluency, enhanced attention span. Capsules per day: 1 – 3 Effect onset: 30 – 60...
  17. Phenylpiracetam

    Phenylated analog of the nootropic Piracetam
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    60 capsules - 100 mg Phenylpiracetam is a modified version of Piracetam. The addition of the phenyl group, Phenylpiracetam is 10x stronger with a faster onset. This nootropics aids in concentration, motivation, memory, and as a pre-workout...
  18. AddieUP

    AddieUP - Feel the power, Feel the focus, Feel the energy
    AddieUP is a dietary supplement which provides increased energy, focus, concentration, and attention support. The product contains no sugar, salt, carbohydrates, or antihistamines. BRAIN FUEL FOR WORK AND SCHOOL Brain enhancement pills from the...
  19. Adrafinil

    Adrafinil capsules (precursor of Modafinil) 60 x 300mg
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    Adrafinil metabolises into Modafinil, creating a state of heightened cognitive ability, characterized by concentration, wakefulness, and focus. 60 capsules - 300 mg Capsules per day: 1-2 Effect onset: 45-60 min. Duration: Peak effect duration...
  20. ONNIT Alpha BRAIN Instant

    Nootropic and fast acting mood enhancer created by ONNIT
    ONNIT's fastest way to help optimize your mental performance. Improvement in memory, focus, and processing speed has been demonstrated in healthy adults through two double-blind trials. Ingredients: L-Alpha glycerylphosphorylcholine (GPC),...