Various Paraphernalia

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  1. Tiger Tobacco Leather Pouch

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    Quality leather tobacco pouch from AGUNG
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    Tiger Tobacco Pouch in Black by AGUNG Quality black pouch made from genuine leather. The Tiger pouch is lined for protection and has a sleeve for papers. This simple yet stylish pouch holds all your RYO necessities together in one convenient and...
  2. Ventti Super Slim Filters

    Ultra Slim RYO Filters
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    Ventti Biodegradable Super Slim Filters (6mm) Packs of 140 filters or bulk packs also available. 140 pack weight 13.5g. Made from cellulose acetate.
  3. Safety Pill Cutter

    Safety Tablet Cutter - Safely and easily cut pills.
    Compartment to carry whole or cut pills. Clear cover so you can see where the pill is going to be cut before actually cutting it. Optional locking mechanism keeps it closed when not in use. Pill cutter shown in blue, also available in red.
  4. Korona Golden Crown Filter Tube Injector

    Bundled package of 200 king size filter tubes with filter tube injector.
    Suitable for 8 to 8.2mm filter tubes. Very easy to use. May be used with home grown or loose packaged tobacco. Package includes one filter injector and 200 king size (8.2mm) filter tubes. The injector is constructed of moulded plastic, with the...
  5. TightVac Vacuum Container

    Keep your stash fresh and smell free.
    Tightvac is a vacuum storage container insuring long lasting freshness for your coffee and tea; use them for convenient travel purposes and your bulk storage needs. Tightvacs are Air-Tight, Water Resistant and Smell-Proof (extreme smelling...
  6. Tasty puff herb flavoring

    Tasty Puff drops are a great alternative to flavoured tobacco and flavoured rolling papers.
    Tasty Puff drops are a great alternative to flavoured tobacco and flavoured rolling papers. Available in a wide range of juicy, fruity flavours. Tasty Puff tobacco drops are easy to carry about and easy to use. Simply add a few Tasty Puff drops...
  7. Tune ActiTubes

    Activated Coal Filter Tips
    This is pretty strange, I just found out you can buy activated charcoal tips for use in joints. It's specifically for joints (or a certain kind of pipe), it even has a marijuana leaf on the logo. The brand name is "Tune activated charcoal...