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    Synthetic Cannabinoids - Diamond CBD
    1/5, 1 out of 5, reviewed Feb 12, 2018
    • - Contains Synthetic Cannabinoids
    • - Untrustworthy
    Chill Gummies which is distributed by Diamond CBD and a few other "CBD" companies they own have been found to contain synthetic cannabinoids and is famous for being sold as smoke/headshops in the USA.

    For many years people have suspected this from too many to count user reports and it was not until a the moderator for the CBD Reddit decided to have it tested they where found to contain 5F-MDMB-PINACA and another test showed SF-AKB-48 and ironically in that same test they found small amounts of CBD along with the synthetic cannabinoid.

    This company has also famously gone to GREAT LENGTHS to try and silence the truth, they currently blame counterfeits for the synthetics, even offering a (unclaimed) reward for information leading to the supposed counterfeits and provide a lab test (paid for by them, sample submitted by them) at an attempt to prove this.However further research will find several complaints about Diamond CBD, their products usually have a "21+ only" label on them and sometimes don't even say the amounts of CBD, Diamond CBD is apart of POT NETWORK HOLDINGS, Tommy Chong has famously signed to have his name Chong Choice CBD be manufactured under Diamond CBD and PTN.

    The "Chill Gummies" this product is a disgrace to the CBD industry and cripples the legal battle of CBD and Cannabis and assists in destroying the image of CBD, the owner of this company is an older man who does not seem to "Relate" to the crowd he is marketing to.

    Remember to research your products! The U.S armed forces have recently banned CBD itself due to many fake brands selling synthetic cannabinoid laced CBD vaping products, just one real example of the horrid effects of products like Diamond CBD
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