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Substance abuse treatment in Cincinnati
  1. mattbo
    What a great program
    4.75/5, 4.75 out of 5, reviewed Nov 12, 2018
    • + Methadone Maintenance
    • + Buprenorphine Clinic
    • + Veterans Only
    • + Inpatient 21 Day Program
    • + Outpatient Program
    • + Great Staff
    • - Veterans Only, No Dependents
    • - Waiting List
    • - Small Inpatient Census
    • - Doesn’t Recognize State Medical Marijuana Laws
    I’m going to try to touch on all the services I had experience with. First off, I’ve been coming here for about 7 years. Services offered to veterans only, no dependents.

    Opiate Substitution
    Burprenorphine - Outpatient buprenorphine clinic offers counseling and medical care. You’re assigned a social worker and doctor, who you meet with on a fairly frequent basis. Weekly education class attendance is mandatory. You get a weekly prescription to start. Clean urine screens and class attendance will determine your phase level. Increasing in phases allows you to get more medication and relaxed class attendance.
    Methadone Maintenance - The methadone clinic is very similar to the buprenorphine program. You’re assigned a social worker and doctor. You must attend the clinic daily to receive medication. Phase increase will allow you to receive take home medication. It takes a lot longer to phase up in the methadone program. The education classes are not mandatory unless you’re not in compliance by not passing urine screens or not meeting with your treatment team on a regular basis. To receive your dose daily you must be at the clinic from 5am to 9am or 12pm to 1pm. If you miss 3 consecutive days of dosing you must see your doctor before getting medication.

    Inpatient Programs
    8 South - Locked inpatient facility located on the 8th floor of the hospital. Visitors are welcome during certain hours. There is also a telephone patients can use during certain hours only. Random urine screens and breathalyzer are administered on a daily basis. Offers treatment for various substance addictions including but not limited to alcohol, benzodiazapines, opiates, cocaine and marijuana. No caffeine or outside nicotine allowed. Nicotine supplements such as patches, lozenges and certain medications will be provided. 18 bed facility which is a little small compared to other facilities in the area. Offers treatment for male and female veterans. PTSD therapy is offered. Program length is 21 days. During the day you attended group therapy sessions as well as one on one sessions with social worker and/or doctor. Various 12 step programs are attended daily. There are some nightly activities including bingo and trivia night with small prizes and snacks offered to patients. You are assigned a personal treatment team that concentrates on your specific problems. Buprenorphine and methadone as well as other addiction treatment medications are administered in house. First weekend you must stay in the facility. Second weekend you are allowed on a daily pass and must return to 8th floor before 8pm. Third and final weekend you’re allowed an overnight pass and must return the following day by 8pm. There are different size rooms with community bathrooms and showers. Strongly advised by staff to attend outpatient services after completion of inpatient program.

    I’ve personally attended this program 3 different times, each time 2 to 3 years apart from each other. Each time I attended I was treated with respect by all staff members and other hospital employees. Overall this facility has excellent service (despite what you’ve heard on the news about the VA). There is almost always a waiting list that can be anywhere from 1 week to 5 or 6 weeks. Very very nice nursing staff. Very personable and respectful.

    Like I said, overall this is an EXCELLENT facility and would recommend it to my closest family and friends.

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