Classic Analog Volcano

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Classic Analog Volcano felt this needed its own review but please refer to the excellent digital volcano review as well
  1. usedtocare
    Breath of Angels:
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Jan 5, 2018
    • + build and vapour quality, ease of cleaning, THE BEST. No "Appleoid"stategy for component obsolence
    • - pricey but pays for itself with thc ectraction efficacy, Indiscrete. Medium learning curve.
    I felt this needed a non digital review:
    I suspect the end of days are in sight for the venerable analog classic Volcano.
    I suggest you catch them while you can. My buddy's used one still rocks 12 years later {anecdotal}
    It is clearly more profitable to sell and then repair a unit with an {IMHO} unnecessary flashy discrete digital display.
    If you can't remember if you prefer level 6 or 8 how high do you have to be to care if you are off by a few degrees.
    Newer can be better I suppose but this prodigal son has already been tried and tested for decades .
    I chose the analog and felt the extra money was very well spent on the "ez-bag kit add-on"
    I am not a terpene sommelier but the vape quality is indistinguishable for my experienced palette between the units and there is less to go wrong.
    I probably will dump my storz/bickell stock portfolio when they offer a remote. {do they?}
    If this should be lumped into the digital review, I apologize. I just didn't want to hijack that great review.
    The only reason I can see for buying the digital version IMO is that it might allow ABV material to be more carefully calibrated for further thc extraction consistency.
    Anyone else have another reason?
    previous vapes ...all non operational after 14 months for one reason or another
    Arizer Extreme and solo
    Herbalaire 2,0 {sleeper and non s&B fave}
    too high to remember the other 6
    hope this helps.
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