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Clif Space - Chemical dependency and Psychiatry

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Intensive treatment rehabilitation Clinic for chemical dependents and psychiatric patients
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  1. Sickodamus
    14 months of despair - This Clinic almost gave me PTSD
    1/5, 1 out of 5, reviewed Apr 19, 2018
    • + Nurses are widely available, medication always available, food is great, rooms are comfy
    • - No communication with outside, doctors won't prescribe nothing for anxiety or pain, no privacy
    • - No concern about patient happiness, high rate of relapses, long time locked feels like prision
    • - Searches can be abusive, traumatizing, no cooperation, I couldn't talk to family or loved ones
    Yeah, it's a very advanced Clinic, as they claim into their website. Okay, but that's not everything.
    First let me introduce myself : I am a young adult (20 years) from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    Chronic opioids and benzodiazepines user.

    I was heavily medicated all the time with wrong medicines (neuroleptics) instead of methadone and benzodiazepinics ; my withdrawal was terrible I don't want to remember about these days.

    The time i went to this Treatment Center i was 16, the clinic regime/policy is very strict and I couldn't deal with it properly since I was a teenager, minor, i had to stay with a nurse at my side all the time without any privacy, the nurses used to regularly search the rooms for any "harmful" stuff that could be around with the patient.
    I was searched all the time that I went back to the clinic which has a intensive treatment.
    These searches eventually turned shameful for me and I would consider them nowadays as abuse since I couldn't understand that when I was younger
    Nobody can use a telephone, or any eletronic device inside there so I have no photos or any way to prove what happened to me there, the rooms have a television (if you pay for it), then you can watch it.
    You are watched all the time, some patients are watched even when they go to bathroom by nurses of the same sex.
    You have no contact with the outside world and you aren't told about the pills you're given and taking them is mandatory, if you don't take the medications then you are injected with anti-psychotics and they claim you "out of your mind" you get the risk of getting strapped for some days if you don't obey the nurses, whose are ABUSIVE.

    The treatment is poor and the Doctors neglect other patients. The relapse risk is very high, due to the poor treatment of the mental health of the patients, the happiness and the joy is minimum you are restricted from many things (from making friends to staying awake) this regimen made me and lot's of other people fail, lot's of patients came back to the clinic more than 7 times due to relapses, some even died eventually.
    I saw myself being strapped sometimes, and staying up to 5 days due to chronic insomnia and benzo withdrawal.
    Panic attacks were difficult to control due to lack of care from Doctors; I've been given no medications when having panic attacks
    Not worth, such a waste of time, poor healthcare. I came back worst than when I joined, and nowadays my family is scared because doctors put my family members into a fearful state of mind like I was suicidal and going to overdose any time.
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