IA Covenant Medical Center Horizons

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Substance abuse treatment in Waterloo
  1. gonzochef
    My week at Horizons
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Apr 8, 2018
    • + Unlimited meals at meal time
    • + TV priveleges
    • + Medicated alcohol detox
    • + Dual diagnosis treatment
    • + Nicotine replacement therapy (better than nothing, right?)
    • + Comfortable beds
    • - Locked hospital wing
    • - Lousy food
    • - Inconsistent staff
    • - Unattentive physician
    • - 12 step bible thumpers
    • - Peer-lead abuse disguised as therapy
    • - No medical opioid detox
    Although I had medicaid and was covered for a full 28 days, after I completed a 4 day medicated alcohol detox and joined the main residential area, I only lasted another 6 days. The food, which was unlimited at meal times, was bland and mediocre at best. Most of the patients didn't want to be there and we'e being forced against their will by either their families or the legal system and had no intention of quitting anything. The staff, though often genuine and pleasant, took advantage of any opportunity to ssert authority and take away priveleges.

    Talk of using was constant, and hypocrisy in group therapy sessions was awful and all participated. During group sessions, patients would be singled out and attacked and berated and broken by the other patients, one-by-one around the circle, and the poor target of this abuse could not speak, respond or defend themselves. These attacks were always very personal and traumatic. The counsellors said this was healthy venting and an opportunity to see your own actions from someone else's perspective. The doctor might see you once during your entire stay. The 12 step program was the ONLY way to stay sober. Medication schedules were at the flexible whims of the nurse on duty, And I left Against Medical Advice because after initially detoxing me safely from the booze, there was nothing more that that shit hole could do for me. I stayed sober 5 months after that on my own.

    I rated this facility average because I've been to worse, heard positive experiences from others about this facility, and know from experience that the group of patients you happen to be in treatment with and the collective attitude of the group greatly impacts the efficacy of a treatment program. I'v tried to be honest and unbiased, listing my grievances but also including the alternative views I have heard. My experience at Horizons is not the same as someone else's, and to be fair it is one of the two top rated facilities in the area (out of 5 if by area you mean a quarter of the state). I hope this has been helpful.
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