DanceSafe Cocaine Testing Kit

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Detect cocaine, amphetamines, levamisole, fentanyl
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Test Kit Details

  1. A two-step test to detect amphetamines and levamisole inside cocaine, two of the most common adulterants or “cuts” that pose increased health and safety risks. Good for 50-100 tests. It also includes a free fentanyl test strip.

    1. Scrape a tiny bit of your pill or powder onto a white ceramic plate.
    2. Take the reagent bottle out of the plastic safety container.
    3. Remove the cap and turn the bottle upside-down a couple inches over the powder.
    4. Squeeze one drop out of the bottle onto the powder.
    5. Be careful to not let the dropper bottle touch your powder or you will contaminate the kit and ruin the entire bottle.
    6. Replace the cap.
    7. Observe the color change right away.
    8. Use the color chart to evaluate your test.

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