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2.4/5, 2.4 from 2 reviews
Addictions unit is within a mental health hospital in North Yorkshire
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  1. Mr Bumble
    i kept waking up totally paralysed
    2/5, 2 out of 5, reviewed Jul 22, 2017
    • - i kept waking up totally paralysed
    I've suffered from sleep paralysis for years but it got so much worse after detox 5, i considered suing them for it but because i had never told a doctor about the problems it caused me i had no evidence.

    Basically they massively under dosed me and i kept waking up totally paralysed, my worst fear is being in that locked in syndrome and that basically what i was experiencing. I'd have to fight with all my strength just to try and make a mummer when a nurse walk by my room so they see i was conscious and redose me but i'd just wake up not long after.

    They even told me they've never had so much trouble keeping someone asleep, so i was pretty fucking traumatized already and then spent nearly a week dribbling like Bronson in the film Broson when they put him in the loony bin.

    They use the exact same drugs they would have used on Bronson, a massive injection of an anti psychotic tranquilliser and Larazepam. in low doses it's great for people with serious mental issues, but in high doses it will knock out, even doctors call it a chemical labotomy. I literally couldn't talk or walk or even swallow properly for days and was fucked for a good week or so after.

    Really fucking horrible experience, i'd rather cold turkey.

    that said lots of people find it useful, most of the other patients had been there before. but i wouldn't recommend it.
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  2. piggyinthemiddle
    I would not recommend using this service unless you have a place in a residential rehab to go to.
    2.75/5, 2.75 out of 5, reviewed Jul 22, 2017
    • + Detox 5 achieves what it sets out to do: - namely get you clean
    • - very expensive!
    • - no psychiatric/psychological help
    Detox 5 is more of a private hospital, as opposed to your traditional residential rehab.

    It's purpose is purely to get you clean. You go in on a Monday morning (they recommend you have your last fix before you go, as the treatment doesn't start until they have finished tests around 2/3 in the afternoon) and come out on Friday with no Opiates in your body.

    The main concern of the staff during your stay is to keep you as comfortable as possible.This is achieved by giving you drugs, I don't know what they are, but the Doctor who runs the place described it to me like this;

    "We will give you an anaesthetic type drug so that you will not feel any withdrawal pain, however for safety we try to keep you just this side of asleep. If we feel you are coming round too much we will give you some more."

    Nurses are there around the clock to monitor your condition. Chances are you will come round a few times while you are there, but it is unlikely you will remember any of it. On the Thursday they give you a small dose of Naltrexone to flush any remaining opiates out of your system . Friday they give you a full dose of Naltrexone and discharge you into the hands of your next of kin.

    You will come round Friday afternoon feeling rough and disorientated.Your body will be opiate free. You will have no memory of the whole week. I remembered more about his dreams than about reality. It takes 3 or 4 days before you start to feel normal. Remember they were giving you pretty heavy medication there.

    All in all, Detox 5 achieves what it sets out to do: - namely get you clean.

    HOWEVER, I would not recommend using this service unless you have a place in a residential rehab to go to. As any experienced user will tell you "Getting clean is the easy part". You need to have some psychiatric/psychological help in place if you wish to stay clean.

    It is also very expensive!
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