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Ubiquitous Assimilation
Ubiquitous Assimilation

Digital Volcano Vaporizer

4.8/5, 4.8 from 2 reviews
Digital temperature controlled bag inflating vaporizer
volcano-digital-vaporizer-xl.jpg volcano-vaporizer-balloon-bags.jpg
  1. Cid Lysergic
    More than worth the investment
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Nov 1, 2017
    The Volcano deserves a 5/5 immediately! It is hands down the best vaporizer to ever hit the face of the Earth. Made from the best of German engineering by Störz & Bickel, this company knows what they are doing!

    Here's my tale: My father purchased the original analog (the one with the dial to control the temperature instead of the digital display) Volcano. It lasted us over ten years!! Over time, certain things began to fail, as of normal wear and tear. The issue is, they use tamper proof screws so that you are unable to mess around with the internal components. Well, I wrote an email, in English, explaining to them mine & my fathers background in Electronics, which is extensive when put together. Within a week, they sent me the screw driver as well as all the replacement pieces that I need (new switches, o-rings, leds, etc.).

    For free.
    I forgot to mention, but my Volcano was even past warranty & they still helped us out.

    A company that is that amazing to their consumers to be that awesome as well as lasting over ten years, it's easily worth the price tag. It is capable of having butane honey oil smeared at the bottom screen of the bowl, with weed on top, topped with hash. All that is blown into the Volcano's bag. That bowl, I kid you not, will last you over an entire day. Easily.


    On the other review, it mentions that they have taken it on road trips numerous times. I myself have too. From Alberta driving to Ontario, and back (Canada). We were driving a 2003 Z24 Cavalier. When it was plugged into the cigarette lighter, the car would die if we also had the radio on at the same time...going 120kn/hr already. lol
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