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Keyser soze did it
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Dynavap Vapcap M Vaporizer

5/5, 5 from 1 review
Manual portable dry herb and oil vaporizer
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Recent Reviews

  1. Brett P
    Made in America used to mean high quality, it's back!
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Sep 28, 2018
    • + Simplicity
    • + Effect
    • + Size
    • + Versatile
    • - Tips with longer chambers would be great, other than that its genious
    I have bought the titanium tip and now i can rotate between them. Hash wrapped inn cotton seems to work better in the original steel tip. Takes longer to heat, but also stays warm longer. Titanium tip is the only upgrade you need. Great taste, but you'll have to have a good storm/torch lighter and learn when different strains or cannabinoids works at specific temperatures. Easy to clean and get spares, look here for cheap "unoriginal" seals.

Vaporizer Details

  1. The VapCap M (2018) is a non-electrical, non-battery powered, dry herb/resin vaporiser and the successor to the original VapCap vaporizer made by the US company DynaVap. It is a discreet, pocket size vaporizer constructed out of medical grade stainless steel. Instead of an internal battery power source, vaporising is achieved by heating the external surface of the cap of the unit. Various heat sources can be used; candle, soft flame etc., however DynaVap recommend using a torch lighter for optimum results.

    Notification of correct vaping temperature is provided by audible clicks which are produced by two bi-metal disks which expand/contract (and buckle) in response to temperature change. The unit is designed to allow the user to vary the vaporizing temperature, heat up times, cloud size and draw resistance according to individual taste. The 2018 M vape new upgrades include a textured external surface for improved grip, easier to locate carb hole and a improved triple helix airflow system.

    Brand: DynaVap
    An inexpensive, portable vape
    Stainless Steel construction.
    No batteries required
    Can vaporize herb, concentrates and hash
    300° F - 450° F (150° C - 230° C) manually controlled temperature
    Easy to clean
    92mm in length.

    Box Contents:
    1 x VapCap M Stainless Steel Body
    1 x VapCap M Stainless Steel Tip
    1 x VapCap M Mouthpiece
    1 x VapCap M Stainless Steel Cap
    1 x Airtight Storage Container
    Owners Manual

    -Remove the cap
    -Fill unit with required ground herb.
    -Replace cap
    -Apply torch lighter flame to cap
    -Twist the VapCap while heating for even heat
    -Inhale through the mouthpiece when you hear the click
    -Inhale until a second click is heard indicating the temperature has cooled
    -Repeat until empty if required
    -Empty by blowing through the mouthpiece
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