Eagle Bill's Shake and Vape pipe

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Original Eagle Bill Shake And Vape Pipe

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  1. Pino
    Sturdy, Portable pipe
    3.75/5, 3.75 out of 5, reviewed Jun 10, 2017
    • + Easy to use.
    • + Can be used to smoke various materials (opium, weed, tobacco).
    • + Portable
    • + No too fragile.
    • + One keeps reasonable clean hands when using a candle (as opposed to the bulb type vaporizers
    • - One must close the opening with ones hand or a card, otherwise vapor will be lost.
    • - Difficult too clean.
    • - Long heat up time.
    • - Not a really aesthetic design.
    • - It can burn ones herbs. Some practice is needed.
    Grind your material too little pieces (if you use weed or opium with tobacco the material has to be loosened up a bit) and put it in the bowl. Start with 1/4 of your normal portion. Put your card on top of the opening. (Forget the screen, swim doesn't understand the use of it). And hold the pipe in the flame, while slowly rotate it. In case If the bowl starts to fill with a vapour, retract the pipe from the flame and inhale. After the vapour stops, shake the pipe (in case of tobacco) or in case of opium tickle it with a small iron rod. Now put it in the flame again. After the second time the material is done. You can examine it too be sure. It shouldn't be burned. In that case you should hold the pipe somewhat less long into the flame.

    Cleaning is difficult and should be done with a certain care. For simple cleaning, rinse with water. Watch out to not lose the small screen on the inside of the pipe. It will be a bitch to replace it. Occasionally you should put the pipe in a pyrex beaker or something like that and boil it for a while. Most of the times this will be sufficient. You could also use a solvent and recollect the material. This probably can be smoked. This isn't recommended when multiple materials are smoked in the material. Sometimes the pipe should be placed in almost boiling water with a aggressive cleaning agent overnight and be cleaned with a small brush. Afterwards rinse with plenty water.
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Pipe Details

  1. Simple glass vaporizer pipe from Eagle Bill the pioneer of herbal vaping. Features large glass bowl, removable stainless steel gauze screen and handy user manual. The true original vaporizer pipe.
    • Original Eagle Bill Shake And Vape Pipe
    • No Batteries Required
    • Quality Glass Construction
    Pure Vapour
    The Eagle Bill Shake & Vape Pipe vaporizes herbs without producing any hazardous carcinogenic smoke. The pipe is heated on the bottom of the bowl until a fine steam starts in which heating should then stop to avoid combustion.

    Natural Taste
    The gentle heating method causes the active ingredients in your herbs or tobacco to vaporize but not combust. The difference in flavour is noticeable immediately, and no burnt plant matter is inhaled. When you're done vaping, simply remove the filter and tip out the spent herbs ready for your next session.
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