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EZ Test Heroin Purity

Avoid overdose and test heroin purity
EZ-Test-Kit-for-Heroin-Purity.png HEROIN-PURITY-RESULT-300x300.png

Recent Questions

  1. TheBigBadWolf
    Does this test identify ACTIVE cuts like fentanyl???

    If it doesnt I think it's next to useless these days, when its more needed to identify dangerous ingredients rather than Mannitol which doesnt kill, but only robs you of money.
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    1. Alfa
      This is actually the first thing I wondered about this test. It is to define heroin purity. It doesnt identify anything but purity.
      In fact there is no test for fentanyl whatsoever. I have searched the net but it doesn't seem to exist.

      While you are correct that a fentanyl is more critical nowadays, I disagree that a purity test is next to useless. There have been reports of very pure heroin last fall which resulted in overdoses. Such overdoses can be prevented with this test.
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Test Kit Details

  1. Drug Identified:
    Test Type:
    The Heroin Purity Test enables you to quickly get an idea about the purity of the heroin. Just open the ampoule and add (EXACTLY!) 20 milligrams of your sample to this test. The bottom layer will reveal a yellow/orangey color which becomes darker when there is more heroin present in the sample. You will have your result within seconds!

    The EZ Test Heroin Purity Test is very insensitive to the usual cuts such as mannitol and other known cutting agents that are commonly found in heroin.

    This test can’t tell you anything about the identity of the substance that may have been used for cutting the sample.

    Using a Heroin Purity test can avoid a fatal overdose.