Genius Pipes - High Expectations

Waterless dry herb and concentrate vaporizer

Vaporizer Details

  1. Vaporizer Features:
    High Expectations offers a unique mix of functionality and beauty.

    You will love all the High Tech features concealed under absolutely gorgeous Art Deco design.

    Name: High Expectations
    Release Date: 07/27/18
    Version: 5.0

    Includes: One Genius TruTaste screen, EVOLUTION Slider. Ready-to-Use.

    With vaporizers, bongs, and pipes the smoker loses the best part of the experience: the taste. If all tobacco, dry herb and concentrates tasted and smelled the same, there wouldn’t be hundreds of strains available to us. With Genius you no longer need water to cool your smoke; this revolutionary product allows you to experience original flavor and aroma just like the nature intended!

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