Genius TOP Secret Stealth

This stylish and stealthy piece combines function and beauty.

Pipe Details

  1. We're not knocking your favorite pipe, but when it comes to smoking on the go, stuffing glassware into your pocket isn't ideal. That's where the Genius Pipe shines. Stylish, durable, and quick to clean, this pipe makes for easy smoking in a pinch. Simply use the bowl to store your smoking material and light up when you need a toke.

    • Take anywhere thanks to the hard-anodized inlay & anti-scratch finish
    • Stow your herb anywhere w/ the integrated bowl
    • Easily stash into your pocket or bag
    • Compact size makes it easy to light up on the go
    For tobacco use only
    • Color: (stealth)
    • Dimensions: 0.9"H x 6"L x 1.5"W
    • Not a vaporizer
    • Hard-anodized inlay
    • Anti-scratch finish
    • Genius Pipe (stealth)
    • Slider (black)

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