Somewhere in the middle
Somewhere in the middle

Just Juice

4/5, 4 from 1 review
A USA made e-cigarette
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  1. Somewhere in the middle
    My first e-cigarette
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Nov 10, 2018
    • + The starter kit comes with almost every thing you need.
    • + Fairly inexpensive
    • + Can be purchased at some convenience stores rather than smoke shop
    • + Different flavored juice
    • + Different nicotine juice levels
    • - Starter kit does not come with juice. Must purchase separately
    • - There is no users guide
    Although this is the first e-cigarette I have owned, I have tried out a few and this is comparable to more well known brands. It’s really not that bad, though I was wondering why it didn’t smoke like others I’ve seen, there is an exhaulation smoke.

    I’ve been using it a few days now and, I think I prefer it to others I’ve tried out.
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E-Cig Details

  1. The Just Juice pen is the next evolution of electronic cigarettes. It's unique design and functionality are made to give you the best taste and experience possible. Unlike traditional e-cigarettes Just Juice is made to use flavored juices. There are then (10) flavors available in three (3) different nicotine strengths to give you 30 different flavor combinations. Also unlike traditional e-cigarettes Just Juice produces zero smoke. This means no tar, no carcinogens and no second hand smoke. All it produces is clean, eco-friendly vapor.

    • No second hand smoke
    • No carcinogens
    • No combustion
    • No tar
    • Consumer conscious pricing
    • 100% American made juices
    • Modern design & sturdy build quality
    • 30 different taste options
    • Easy & inexpensive to try new flavors

    The Just Juice start pack includes:

    • the case
    • rechargeable battery
    • one clearomizer tank
    • a usb charging cable
    • a lanyard

    Not sold in the starter pack is the juice itself. Which is purchased separately.

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