Liquid Gold CBD Jungle Juice

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Jungle Juice : pineapple, orange, grapefruit, grape, apple, and has hints of watermelon in it.
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  1. SiR
    Synthetic Cannabinoids - Liquid Gold/Jungle Juice/Diamond CBD/Pot Network holdings
    1/5, 1 out of 5, reviewed Dec 13, 2018
    • - Contains Synthetic Cannabinoids
    • - Untrustworthy Company
    While it is nothing new for Diamond CBD products I thought I would now add this review after a recent lab study of several of Diamond CBD products (including Liquid Gold which also gets re-branded as Jungle Juice) have been found to contain synthetics

    For many years people have self-reported side effects from Pot Network Holdings/Diamond CBD products that are on par with synthetic cannabinoids, mainstreamely nicknamed K2/Spice after the first brand of it in usa and europe, it seems to be every single product PTN/Diamond makes has several reports of it being laced with something

    About 1 year back I added a lab report taken from a popular internet CBD community to "mirror" the lab results done on Chill Gummies made by Diamond/PTN that confirmed the presence of 5F-MDMB-PINACA (5F-ABD), I also researched the lab and contacted them myself to ensure the report was legit. Now almost a year later new tests have been carried out by a professional researcher at the Virginia Commonwealth University confirming that several Diamond CBD products contain synthetic cannabinoids including Liquid Gold but this is no surprise to anyone who ever typed "liquid gold vape synthetic" into google or anything Diamond CBD/Pot Network Holdings who has an infamous history of being sketchy, not only with their products but with their company structure, stock, ownership, side businesses and Diamond CBD announced not to long ago via a paid newswire post that they are trying to change their name and branding, this company goes to GREAT LENGTHS to silence the truth about what they do, and have interesting excuses, with the most recent lab report they did not just name 1 "possible" by their own words excuse but over 10 different "possible" excuses, all of which are pretty see through. This company has ALOT of money and power, beware!

    Brands that are owned by Pot Network Holdings/Diamond CBD include - Lawrence Taylor Pain Master, Relax gummies, cbd oil biotech, blue cbd, relax liquid, CBD re-leaf, CBD double shot, Pet CBD FOOD, Meds Biotech, relax gummies, CBD honey sticks, medipets, Leanshot syrup, Chill Gummies, Chongs Choice, Liquid Gold, Jungle Juice AND MORE
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