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Oil Pipe 10,8 cm

4.6/5, 4.6 from 2 reviews
With this glass Oil Pipe, one can vaporise (BHO) hash oil and other cannabis concentrates like wax.
  1. Skoalart
    Does it's job
    4.5/5, 4.5 out of 5, reviewed Dec 19, 2017
    • + Cheap
    • + Conceal able
    • - Breakable
    • - Get dirty easily
    I have used these pipes for years and had great results. As long as you know how to properly use it then you will be able to get high on both marijuana and methamphetamine. The large bulbous area holds your substance. The length of the stem is of personal preference. The shorter it is the less distance the smoke must travel to your system. Be sure to get a pipe of the Pyrex variety to avoid cracking one because it gets too hot.
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