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On Balance CJ-20 Milligram Scale

4.8/5, 4.8 from 1 review
On Balance CJ-20 Jewel Milligram Scale 20g x 0.001g
  1. nachofish
    Very Reliable Scale
    4.75/5, 4.75 out of 5, reviewed Jan 13, 2018
    • + Lightweight
    • + Portable
    • + Reliable
    • + Low battery consumption
    • + Easy calibration
    • + Accurate
    • + Durable and sturdy
    • + Good box for storing
    • - Not reliable for weighing material which is less than 50 mg
    • - Weighing marijuana can be difficult as the plate is not very large
    In general this is basically a complete scale. I bought this around four years ago at a very affordable price and it hasn't let me down since. I haven't changed the battery in all this time. The only downside is the small plate (where you place the material to be weighed) which makes it hard to weigh Cannabis, for example. Also, weighing things that are under 50 mg is not a good idea, because there is a margin of error of about 25 mg, so determining doses for things like 2C-B may be pretty risky.
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