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residential rehabilitation program for men who are serious about recovering
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  1. 2stepsahead
    They saved my life, an saved me from a long prison stay
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Aug 23, 2016
    Ive been to this rehab before i think its one of the best anywhere . Its really rather you have made your mind up to stop or not. Some people have had enough some have not . i'm not mentioned any last names but when mike an bill was running it i cant really say enough about this place they saved my life, an saved me from a long prison stay. I give them a 10 out of ten the best

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  1. The Pathfinder, is a non-profit, residential rehabilitation program for men who are serious about recovering from their drug and alcohol addictions but need extra support as they rebuild their lives. We provide a structured environment in which clients can take the journey of recovery one Rebuilding Lives, Improving the Community Since 1976, The Pathfinder has provided services for thousands of people. Our mission for each person who enters the program:

    • To take responsibility for their life;
    • To participate in a 12-step recovery
    • To secure a job in order to pay for participation in the program;
    • To learn independent living skills
    • To develop coping skills
    • To become productive citizens
    Upon admission to our program, more than 90% of clients are unemployed because of addiction and many more have also lost housing and are facing alcohol and/or drug related charges. For men who have completed a detox treatment program, The Pathfinder, Inc., provides a therapeutic environment in which they can learn long-term independent living skills. The average stay is 90 days, but some stay six months or more, dependent upon the time required to complete their goals. Our program emphasizes the 12-step program and provides clinicians who assist clients in constructing an individual rehabilitation plan and provide professional counseling and guidance on maintaining sobriety. Also included is instruction in implementing relapse prevention strategies, as well as basic independent living skills. As an investment in their own recovery, clients are required to obtain employment and pay a portion of the cost for their housing and services. The Pathfinder, Inc. also provides follow-up care for its clients, which gives them a sense of a safe “home base” they can return to for help and guidance when they need it. A growing alumni program provides an added support system.


    In order to gain admission to The Pathfinder each client must be drug and alcohol free for a minimum of 72 hours. Potential clients must have either successfully completed an inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation program or be actively involved in an intensive outpatient program. Potential clients must be willing to make a commitment to remain sober and drug free, follow house rules, accept responsibility for their behaviors, be financially responsible for their debts, and make active changes that lead to successful recovery from chemical addictions.

    Our clients must have a primary diagnosis of a drug or alcohol dependence in order to be accepted into the program. This diagnosis must be from a qualified mental health professional within the past 12 months. We cannot accept clients with a primary diagnosis of a mental illness or with severe medical conditions that require the immediate presence or constant attention of medical staff. Clients are often dually diagnosed and have co-occurring disorders with both an addiction and a treatable mental illness such as depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder. These clients are accepted as long as they are being successfully treated by a mental health professional. Clients who are dually diagnosed but are actively suicidal, homicidal or psychotic not suitable for this environment.


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