VA Richmond Private Methadone Clinic

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Substance abuse treatment in Richmond
  1. Opioidergic
    Benefits and cons like any clinic
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Oct 11, 2018
    • + Only clinic in the area with morning AND afternoon dosing
    • + Doctor is smart and respectable and will work with you
    • + Takehomes after 30 days
    • + Provide free narcan
    • + Works with you if your prescribed benzodiazepines
    • + Quality counseling depending on your therapist
    • - Mandatory groups every month
    • - Groups aren't very good quality
    • - Wait time is long first hour they're open
    • - Charges you 20 dollars for every positive UA
    • - Only allows you to go up 5 mg a week luckily I transferred from a different clinic so I was stable
    Richmond private methadone clinic has its ups and downs like any clinic. The staff and the nurses do treat you with respect and dignity which goes a long way.
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