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Safety Pill Cutter

5/5, 5 from 1 review
Safety Tablet Cutter - Safely and easily cut pills.
  1. detoxin momma
    A must have!
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Sep 29, 2017
    • + makes dose splitting way easier, saves waste,safe ,
    • - can not think of any
    I have had one of these for many many years. I have always used one of these for breaking pills.
    It is a good device to have for anyone who needs to break pills in half, or 4ths even.

    The good thing about the way its designed is, once you place the pill on the blade and press down, it will catch anything that breaks off.
    It really does take a little practice to get the exact amount of force needed to break the pills cleanly though, if you simply set a pill and push down with no thought, you may end up with a pill you've just crumbled, not what you want.

    I would say this device is a must have for anyone on medications. Sometimes, we just dont need to whole pill, and some of us, are on a budget and have to get our medications to spread. Its a risk to break a pill, with this device, you cut the risk of waste , or dropping half a pill, way way down.
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